Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer has Awesome Checkpoints!

Some pretty slick CG and lots of in-game action abound.

Of all the titles in the large bunch of FF titles bunched up in the highbrow Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy Compilation, this is probably the most mysterious and intriguing. You got a brooding anime-esque emo hero squaring off against squads of armored troops with his telekinetic blades and shun-po flash steps, which then suddenly switches to that same hero kidding around with some blokes, and then lounging with a girl at a high society party. There are cars and guns but also swords and spells and magic. Yeah, your typical Final Fantasy maybe, but the more ‘real’ look of some of Versus’ visuals give it an even more surreal edge.

Well, finally we got an actual trailer with gameplay, right after a pretty impressive cutscene with our hero, Noctis, passing by a guarded checkpoint that seemed to be a blend of both CG and real world visuals. I mean, it’s a totally uneventful, unexciting, mundane scene- but it’s done so nicely! WOWNESS! CG makes passing toll booths an adventure!

Afterwards, lots of running around, explosions, enemy hordes, a dragon with a lady rider, and more cool CG.

But after all that- I still have NO IDEA what this game is about. Who is Noctis? Who is he fighting? Why is there a ‘Versus’ in the title, and why is it also numbered ‘XIII”? With still no schedule or even timetable of when this will be arriving, there’s really no reason to worry about all that though. All we can do is enjoy the nice trailer. So hop to it then- enjoy!

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