DOA Dimensions: Samus NOT Playable

Players looking forward to a certain space bounty hunter kicking ass in the upcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS are going to be disappointed. Although a recent trailer hinted at Samus Aran being a hidden playable fighter in the upcoming 3D fighter, it has now been confirmed that this won’t be the case. According to this article by Eurogamer, Team NInja has said that while Samus will appear to help the player (most probably by taking out the offending Ridley), she won’t actually join in the roster to fight. She will, however, need to be unlocked in some way.

This is, quite frankly, pretty lame. A lot of players interpreted the trailer as hinting that Samus was playable- I myself think that having all this fanfare for the Metroid connection would indeed be warranted by a playable character and not, in this case, a part of the stage. Anyway, too bad. This won’t break the game, of course, but it will leave quite a few players out there with a bad taste in their mouths and DOAD it’s first Major FAIL.


2 Responses to “DOA Dimensions: Samus NOT Playable”

  1. I definitely agree that adding Metroid stuff to this game without making Samus playable is completely pointless. A part of me is glad that Samus’ character won’t be further degraded by being overexposed (in more ways than one, if you catch my drift)… but the other half says “No jiggly Zero Suit Samus? WTF is this $#i+?!” :p

  2. i don’t know what you’re talking about with the: “No jiggly Zero Suit Samus? WTF is this $#i+?!”

    this is a good article anyway
    i agree with the one who wrote it

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