Tekken Tag 2 HD Screen and Wallpaper

Jaycee strikes a pose!

Ah, the micro-updates. Gotta love them. As I predicted, as we go our merry, excruciating way to AOU 2011 and a look at Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in video form, small updates are being doled out in the meantime. This weekend, we’ve gotten a couple of visuals. One is an HD version of a Jaycee screenshot we’ve already seen before in the Famitsu article. The other is a 1080p TTT2 Character Wallpaper of Spanish brawler, Miguel Caballero Rojo. Check both out at Harada-san’s Twipple.

Miguel’s spoiling for another shot at Jin.

Incidentally, once can see that written on Miguel’s visible garter of his trunks or briefs is the word ‘Luchador’, which may or may not mean a connection between him and Jaycee, who is obviously a Luchadora… Nah, it’s probably nothing. Or IS it..? The Plot Thickens!

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