SSFIV Arcade: Evil Ryu and Oni Gameplay (UPDATED)

Back into the Shadows… for now.

UPDATE: Capcom just threw down the hammer of the gods on some of the Youtube videos showing off Evil Ryu and Oni gameplay in Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition– apparently Yoshinori Ono wasn’t totally joking around when he said that he was going to be chewed out by his bosses by the apparent leakage of the two additional SSFIVAE fighters. So, did someone hack the arcade units? How did that happen? Anyways, the vids are being taken down all over the place. I won’t be posting any more links till the banning frenzy is over so my site won’t become a way for the Capcom Ban Police to find more stuff to clamp down on.

Anyway, for the benefit of those who weren’t able to catch the (low quality) vids, Evil Ryu pretty much looks like he always has in the previous games, save now he has what appears to be a nasty wound or hole in his sternum or chest. Oni (previously known as Oni Akuma) appears like a more buffed-up, Super Saiyan-version of Akuma, sporting flaming white hair (and matching blue-white fiery aura) and a cool new raised-arm stance. Players have described Oni as playing more like Gouken than Akuma. Suffice to say, these two overpowered-looking Shotos look pretty impressive.

I guess now we’ll have to wait a bit till the embargo on the characters is lifted, although by now it’s pretty moot to keep them secret. Who knows what the fallout will be from this leakage, but heck- players have known about these fighters since that first artwork of them was shown months ago. What’s the big deal? Whatever… anyway… going back to monitoring Tekken Tag 2 on Twitter then…

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