SNK Dilemma Panics Fighting Game Fans

Here’s to more Mai and Bouncy Beat ‘Em Ups for Years to Come.

This past week, some events occuring within Japanese gaming company SNK-Playmore got gamers up in a tizzy. When it came to light that the producer of the King of Fighters series had left the company some time ago and that the new President had ideas of dissolving their videogame division and just concentrating on Pachinko and figurines, gamers were certainly up in arms. SNK wasn’t just some game company. It was one of the icons of the fighting genre as well as other great gaming titles. Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown… and the whole Neo Geo vintage collection… would they all just go to the bargain bin?

Granted, SNK has never been the same since their first fall from the heights that led to the creation of the current SNK-Playmore. In their glory days, they had their own (albeit overpriced) console, tons of arcade hits and fans in their legions. These days, titles are fewer, and good ones rare. The last Samurai Shodown was a disgrace, and KOFXII was regarded by many as incomplete. KOFXIII looks to correct that, but with the troubles at the company, would it even reach gamers outside the arcade? Petitions were started, and some even tried to approach other fighting game gurus (such as Capcom’s Ono) to perhaps step in and get SNK titles if the worst happened.

In the end, SNK apparently answered the issue with a message that indeed, they will continue to create games for years to come. So worry not, Mai Shiranui fans, there will be more bouncy brawling coming. I myself can’t picture the fighting game genre without SNK’s titles in there, so this is really a relief. So perhaps now I’ll give KOFXIII the time of day.

Nah, I’ll just wait for the next batch of SNK fighters instead.


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