“Prepare for the Next Battle!”

Whenever Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada posts this online (either on his Facebook or Twitter), I just get the feeling it’s a precursor to something. Something meaning, perhaps a new character reveal, impending info or updates or some other matter concerning the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Well, he just posted it several hours ago, so now I’m expecting.

It’s still almost a month till AOU 2010, where Harada has said gameplay vids of TTT2 will surface. While I don’t expect a new trailer till then, perhaps we’ll see other media. Up to now, we’ve only seen two additional characters shown off, and several returning characters’ artworks and screens. That still leaves 30++ returning characters still to make their presence known, and only Harada-knows how many additional fighters still waiting to be uncovered. As AOU’s appearance of Tekken Tag may reveal stuff like a look at the Character Select screen and the general look of the roster, perhaps info building up to that may be leaked out. Perhaps we’ll see more stuff on the next issues of Famitsu Weekly, or other Japanese mags, or even some of the gaming sites like Gamespot which have proven to be still in the loop in terms of fighting games. But of course, most of all, perhaps Harada himself will post stuff on his Twitter account, just as he did with the most recent pics of the new Yoshimitsu.

Anyway, I’ll keep my eyes and browser peeled. More as I get it then! For now, back to playing then…

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