Hands-on with 3DS Fighting Games: SSFIV 3D and DOA Dimensions

Here are a couple of hands-on demo vids of two of the Nintendo 3DS’s beat ’em up titles. The first is Tecmo-Koei’s Dead or Alive: Dimensions, which has been described as doing the 3D effects subtly but excellently. Even from the cam vid, you can tell the animation is pretty smooth and fluid, as DOA has always been.
I am noting though with annoyance DOAD still has my pet peeve from DOA4- the fact that you don’t really seem to be able to KO anyone in the game anymore, just get them GROGGY. BAH.
Anyway, that irritation aside, nice points go to Ayane’s cute Tengu mask. When, oh when are you going to catch up to the rest of the beat ’em up world and implement Character Customization, DOA?

Some Ayane action on the 3DS.

The second video is for Super Streetfighter IV 3D, which is being demoed by Capcom’s Seth Killian. As with DOA, SSFIV on the 3DS looks spot-on perfect, even from the cam view. It also comes with the alternate outfits (like Chun-li’s leggy dress) which is niceness. Being able to assign specific moves or even combos to the buttons on the lower screen is excellent.

Seth Killian, Chun-li and Makoto demo SSFIV 3D.

I have to say though, as nice as these vids are (care of Kotaku), I have to note with irritation at how the game reporter knew pretty much crap about fighting games- even the big, long-standing ones- and apparently cannot be bothered to know even their basics. Not only that, they seem to revel in their ignorance. Game reporters, games are your job, dammit; be informed. Also, making fun of gamers or acting all Holier-than-thou is also not a plus… it just makes you sound like a Used Car Salesman- you just know they’re up to no good or lying through their teeth.
It’s no wonder these days, fighting game devs like Ono and Harada are heading to Twitter and Facebook to disseminate news to their fanbase and consumers directly, via a P2P approach, rather than going to these uncaring gamesites. MEH. Enough ranting. Moving on.

SSFIV 3D is out in March 27 along with the 3DS. DOAD should be out shortly afterwards. Fighting game awesomeness in your pocket, right there.


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