Lighting Strikes Twice: Final Fantasy XIII-2

Perhaps the sequel will explain where all these feathers come from.

I have to admit, Final Fantasy XIII didn’t ‘do it for me’. I tried, believe me, I tried. I bought the game, gave it the good ol’ college try, but… well, months since I got my copy, it’s gathering dust on the shelf along with Rise of the Argonauts. I dunno. It certainly is a gorgeous game- easily the most eye-friendly FF yet. Lightning is hot, the cast varied, the story complex… so what didn’t jive?

Well, lots of things. Things from the story being TOO complex with all sorts of arcane jibber-jabber that I just didn’t want to understand- L’Cie? Fal’Cie? I don’t Cie! The characters were varied, yes, and had personality… but for some reason I just didn’t care for any of them. The Dude with the Bird in his Afro- gah. The Whiny Kid with the Chip on His Shoulder? Meh. The Wannabee Hero Guy? Meh. The Gratingly Chipper Cute Chick? MEEEEH. This wasn’t so much an adventuring party as it was a cosplay gang on a leisurely ride in some clinically tidy on-rails tour. And you know that there’s just something wrong with an RPG when you don’t know who you’re fighting and don’t care either.

ANYWAY, suffice to say FFXIII did a lot of things wrong. Well, Square-Enix seems to be wanting to rectify stuff, with a sequel. Only the second sequel ever in the history of Final Fantasy (Charlie’s Angels Dress-up Dilemma FFX-2 was the first), so this is kinda significant. Final Fantasy XIII-2 was just announced at some Square-Enix conference in Japan, and they’re promising it’s gonna be better. At the very least, Lightning is returning and dressed in some rather sexy armor. That’s a good start. But what’s this going to be about? There’s a male opponent being touted alongside our intrepid heroine. Lightning: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places? No details yet.

I’m still at heart an FF fan, so if XIII-2 intrigues me enough, maybe I’ll check it out. Who knows- maybe it’ll get me to give the first XIII another try. Maybe. Or not. Stranger things have happened. FFXIII-2 is out in Japan sometime in 2011, with an english release afterwards.


2 Responses to “Lighting Strikes Twice: Final Fantasy XIII-2”

  1. I reckon the thing that turned people off about FFXIII was that the whole design feels focus-tested. It’s as if they just made a checklist of what JRPG fans want and built around it rather than just let the characters and world react naturally to each other. The world had no backstory other than that of the main plotline, so exploration lacks that sense of wonder. Also, as you said, the story is bollocks. (The whole evil pope thing has been done to death, and done better by games like Grandia II.)

    But hey, Lightning in sexy armor! I’m ashamed to say I’m looking forward to that. 😀

    P.S. ‘Fraid I’ll have to agree to disagree with you on Sazh.

    • Hehehe. I understand you like Sazh. My only prob with him is that, as you said, he seems so designed to be- Aww, he has a cute chocobo in his hair… AWW! Aside from that, he’s not that bad. ^_^

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