Dead or Alive X Metroid?

This short spot adds a new dimension to the fighting…

An intriguing minute of gameplay above from the upcoming Dead or Alive Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. Players will notice that the stage where ninja warriors Kasumi and Ryu Hayabusa are fighting is straight from sci-fi adventure Metroid, complete with obnoxious boss alien Ridley providing what may be the most dangerous Danger Zone yet in a DOA game. But that’s not all- the fight tantalizingly ends with a morph ball dropping onto the stage… will a certain galactic bounty hunter be showing off her hand-to-hand fighting abilities to the DOA crew? Team Ninja, the makers of DOA, are also the devs behind the most recent Metroid chapter, Metroid: Other M… certainly a guest appearance by Samus Aran wouldn’t be too hard.

Anyway, Ridley actually attacking the fighters might have been a cool idea ON PAPER, but from here it looks pretty damn irritating- really, do you think players will enjoy losing a close fight because of Azazel’s snotty little brother there? Hopefully there will be a way to get rid of the winged douche or at least avoid the attacks (which Ryu apparently couldn’t do). Anyway, an appearance by Miss Aran, preferably in her Zero suit, would be most appreciated. DOA Dimensions isn’t part of the 3DS launch lineup, but it will be out shortly after the March launch of the portable.


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