What Would a Tekken Tag 2 Win Animation Look Like?

And you thought they couldn’t get any creepier…

As of right now we have no idea how Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will handle win animations. Every character has their own signature win poses, but how will tag teams mug it up for the cameras after a victory? Will we see familiar poses, new poses, remixed poses? Anyway, here’s a little doodle of what I think should be one of the win animations, melding together two of Tekken 6’s creepiest victory cutscenes. What do you guys think? Heheh…

2 Responses to “What Would a Tekken Tag 2 Win Animation Look Like?”

  1. eggfooyung2go Says:

    lol nice artwork. I feel like the drag/zaf creep combo winpose has to be in the game. As far as nuances of the game I really hope they add special grudge intros/character interactions between those who have beef a la SFIII. I want more Mishima shoulder bumping!

    • I’m actually thinking the Kaz-Hei Shoulder Bump and the Jin-Ignores-Asuka cutscenes are Win Poses… If so, I hope these are special ones, along with the usual mugging for the camera and classic win animations. We can only hope the devs go that extra mile to fill in these little details.

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