Tekken Tag 2 Famitsu Screenshots and Art, Part Deux!

Heihachi Mishima is dead… sexy.

It came about a week after their print release, but Famitsu has finally posted clear versions of all the screenshots and images from their recent article on Tekken Tournament 2 online for all to enjoy. Also included were information on the game’s story (of sorts) and character write-ups (albeit mostly stuff we’ve heard before).

“Now all I need are claws to complete my Wolverine cosplay!”

According to the article, TTT2’s main story deals with the new-and-improved Heihachi Mishima. Using his vast resources to research a way to defeat the aging process and restore his body to its younger self, Heihachi soon discovered rejuvenation medicine that gave him back his youth. In but a few minutes after taking the drug, his head filled with black hair and his arms filled with new strength. Heihachi thought himself invincible, and wanted to test his power. By some coincidence, he soon heard of a new Tag Tournament being held. Immediately, he entered the tournament but realized he still needed a partner. Thus the curtains were raised for the mysterious Tag Tournament…

Jaycee: What lies beneath the mask?

All speculations aside, little is known about the peppy new challenger, Jaycee, save that she’s a wrestler with an acrobatic style that uses her whole body. I think we can all be forgiven for comparing this newcomer with other lucha grapplers who plainly had too much coffee recently, El Blaze (Virtua Fighter 5) and El Fuerte (Streetfighter IV). I guess it’s kinda fortunate that she wasn’t named El Chica, eh?

Jaycee dodges Asuka’s low sweep with a timely leap.

Seems like several of Jaycee’s moves have evasive functions, aside from looking pretty cool.

High-flying offense from the new girl.

Returning characters Asuka, Jin, Law, Miguel and Law have new Character Art and retain their past back-stories. No doubt everyone basically has the same motivation for joining the Tournament- prove yourself the strongest, win a ka-jillion bucks, get revenge, etcetera, etcetera. It still remains to be seen if there’s an actual Story Mode (which will figure, if ever, in the console version), but it should be safe to say that finishing the game should reward players with some kind of ending or finishing cinematic as with past games.

Expect the returning fighters to get new moves added to their repertoires.

It will be interesting to see the number of unique tag throws there will be in this game.

Jinpachi shows the young whippersnapper how it’s done.

There are tons of in-game action shown off in the screens, with fighters taking on each other individually as well as double-teaming their opponent with painful-looking Tag Throws. It seems that there will be a new system that handles what throws come out with various teams of fighters, and special throws that come out with specific combinations.

You’d think having babes both on top and beneath you would be a good thing…

Ignore THIS, why don’t you?

As for the couple of intriguing pics that showed what appeared to be Yoshimitsu, it IS indeed Yoshi (not Kunimitsu as some have speculated) though pics of a figurine. This is apparently the current look of the character as it will appear in TTT2, from the design of sculptor/figure artist Takeya Takayuki.

Yoshimitsu gets weirder and weirder with every game.

The pics posted here are but a few of the large number of images available for the ogling. Check out the whole treasure trove of TTT2 screens and art, about 45 in all, over here. This is pretty awesome- at least now we have stuff to pour over and gaze at as we await the next big TTT2 update at AOU in February, eh? The game is out in Japanese arcades this Summer 2011. More as we get it then!


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