Tekken Tag 2 Update: Coming to AOU 2011

So far we’ve seen two trailers to Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and one special ‘test footage’ vid. So you’re asking, when do we see actual, real in-game action from the next King of Iron Fist Tournament title? Well, we’ve got a bit of a wait- Tekken Head Honcho Katsuhiro Harada just answered a question posed to him on Twitter on when we can expect gameplay vids. The response was at the AOU Show.

AOU is an annual arcade expo show held in Japan. This year’s exhibition is set for February 18-19. So set your calendars. Or not, since that would probably make the wait even worse.

One possibility I am counting on though is that since AOU will mean a look at the game in motion, with what should be a look at the actual in-game roster, we may just see more character reveals and at least more screenshots/art and media from TTT2 in the weeks leading up to late February. Let’s keep our fingers crossed then.


2 Responses to “Tekken Tag 2 Update: Coming to AOU 2011”

  1. shika1983 Says:

    Can’t wait !!!

    The character roster is the thing I am looking forward to the most, there after I will be looking more at the gameplay etc etc

    Roll on February

    • Indeed. As far as the character roster goes, it’s pretty much a lock that everyone from Tekken 6 is back. Two additionals- one of them being a previous boss (Jinpachi) is kinda slim, so I think we can expect some more add-ons. It’s still a month off, so at this point anything can happen. And probably will. ^__^

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