Tekken Tag 2 New Character Spotlight: Jinpachi Mishima

Weren’t you DEAD? Jinpachi returns to action in Tekken Tag 2.

UPDATED with TTT2 Character Art! WHADDAHECK??? ANOTHER Tekken Character Countdown??! Well, not really a countdown. For starters, we don’t really know how many newcomers there will be in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So this series of articles will just be done as the new faces show up, and we’ll wing it along the way. What else can we do, as we all await this next Iron Fist Tournament (albeit non-canon chapter) in our arcades and on our consoles? I’ve learned that doing these articles are a good way to pass the time. So let’s get to it then, eh?

Our first Tekken Tag 2 New Character Spotlight features a character who should be quite familiar to any fan of the Tekken series. This imposing fighter has been around a while- in fact, he is among the oldest characters participating in the tournament (only Mokujin is older), and certainly one very powerful combatant. However, he is not an ordinary competitor. Nope, the last time this fighter appeared, he was a freakin’ boss. Scratch that- he was a freakin’ Demon-possessed Chest Fireball-spitting Stun-blasting Awesome Oni Boss. The oldest Mishima family member in the series so far revealed, and bearer of one of the oddest growths of facial hair ever. He’s the Gigantic Grandpa, Jinpachi Mishima.

Jinpachi Mishima
Distinguishing Features: Characteristic gravity-physics-and-style-defying facial hair. Skin the texture and color of old, storm-scarred wood. Tattered hakamas and clothing from some Japanese war god’s closet. Built like an Abram’s Tank.

Strengths: If Heihachi Mishima, even without a Devil Gene, is superhumanly strong, resilient and skilled in the Mishima Arts, then Jinpachi, his Old Man, is even more so. Even without the demonic powers imparted to him by ‘The Devil’ that took him over in Tekken 5, Jinpachi was regarded as a Living Legend in Martial arts, and embodies the formidable skills of the Mishima Style of Martial Arts.

Weaknesses: If having a code of honor, morality and a good heart can be deemed weaknesses, then those are Jinpachi’s tender spots, things that perhaps caused his downfall at the hands of his son, Heihachi. Huge in size and hardly a spring chicken anymore, he makes an easy target. A bottle of good sake.

Affiliation: Formerly the CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, he conceivably may be vying for control of it again from other Mishima family members.

You can’t keep a good Mishima down.

Background: Fifty years prior to the start of the Tekken series, the Mishima Zaibatsu was headed by the imposing Jinpachi Mishima. However, he would lose everything in a fierce internal power struggle and hostile takeover by his own son, Heihachi. Father and son disagreed with the direction of the Zaibatsu, as Heihachi pushed for the corporation’s militarization and entry into the weapons and war-making industry. Jinpachi fought to try and retake the Zaibatsu, only to fail and be taken prisoner. Heihachi thereafter imprisoned his father in the underground vaults beneath the temple shrine of Honmaru, and then promptly forgot about him.

Jinpachi eventually perished due to starvation, but as he expired a mysterious force, called by some The Devil, came to him and possessed his body, giving him strength and promising revenge. Jinpachi got his chance at renewed freedom during the aftermath of the King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. As Kazuya and Heihachi Mishima recovered and regained consciousness in Honmaru after being defeated by Jin Kazama, they were attacked by a squadron of Jack robots sent by G-Corporation. In the resulting explosion that destroyed Honmaru in a hellstorm of flame, Jinpachi emerged, breaking free from his chains.

Jinpachi sensed however that the being possessing him wished to end all existence, and therefore tried what he could to stop it. He immediately announced the King of Iron Fist Tournament 5 in the hopes of attracting fighters strong enough to kill him. Furthermore, Jinpachi sent a personal letter to his close friend Wang Jinrei, asking for help. Ultimately, Jinpachi is confronted and defeated by Jin Kazama, who would go on to take over the Mishima Zaibatsu for his own mysterious purposes.

That would have been the end for ol’ Jinpachi… well, it probably was… but in the wonderful non-canon ways of the Tekken Tag Tournament, the once-defunct Tekken 5 boss is back one more time from the dust pile and ready for some Tag Battle action.

Character Analysis: Jinpachi has been confirmed as part of the playable roster of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in the pages of Famitsu magazine. As per the character art and screenshots, he appears in his (more or less) human form, rather than the monstrous, fire-spewing, chest-mouthed monster form in Tekken 5. This may mean he won’t have access to his overpowered fireball and stun-blast that so angered a lot of players. We can probably assume that Jinpachi will have a greatly expanded move list. Hopefully his throws, combos and general attacks, while having that recognizable Mishima flavor, will be significantly different to that of his rival family members.

One can also wonder at what Jinpachi’s customizations and alternate costumes will be. Expected items may include traditional Japanese attire, or perhaps stuff that makes him look like he walked off the set of a Kurosawa movie. We can also probably expect more ‘war god’-ish pieces like armor and divine raiments. However, it may be entertaining to see the old man in street clothes or casual wear. Maybe he’s open to dressing a bit gangsta?
Overall though, Jinpachi really reminds me of another old man in recent fighting games, Gouken of Streetfighter IV. Both are buff old guys who still can kick ass even if they’re way past their expiration date. Most probably Jinpachi will keep his dignity and somewhat mythical, regal style of appearance in his customs and alternate looks.

Probable Partners: Despite their enmity, Jinpachi would probably make a killer team with any of the other Mishima fighters. Expect particularly brutal tag throws and combo-nations with Heihachi and Kazuya. Matching this man mountain with other biggies in the roster- King, Armor King, Marduk, Bob, Kuma and Panda- can up the intimidation factor to eleven. A speedy partner may do well by easily opening up enemies to a heavy tag throw from this big-arse bloke of a tag buddy! But of course, perhaps the best partner for this aged warrior is the one member of the roster who truly knows him best- none other than his best friend, Wang Jinrei. One can only imagine what their tag throws or combos can be like…

Jinpachi may surely be a power player in the upcoming TTT2, bringing his strength and imposing power to bear with any tag partner he joins. Expect massive godfists and Mishima-style butt-kicking Old School from this Ancient Master!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is set for release in Japanese arcades in Summer 2011.


5 Responses to “Tekken Tag 2 New Character Spotlight: Jinpachi Mishima”

  1. But of course Jinpachi would partner with his good friend Wang!

  2. Yes, he is dead, but Tag Tournament is not a canon series, it’s a spin-off fantasy series. It will likely include all the other dead characters too.

  3. […] Jinpachi Mishima is the other new character for Tekken Tag 2. While Jinpachi is typically a last boss, Kotaku Japan points to Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection as a reference point (he can be unlocked in the game) for Tekken Tag 2. […]

  4. mamoon butt Says:

    fuck jin kaxama

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