Tekken Tag 2 Rumor: Who is ‘Jaycee’?

An intriguing item over at InaTekken has mentioned that a new character for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has been unveiled in the pages of the latest Famitsu magazine, and that the name of this character is Jaycee.

Jaycee the Luchadore…

Hey, waitaminnit. Jaycee. Or perhaps… J.C.? Which can stand for…

It’s pretty obvious to anyone who knows Tekken what J.C. stands for- Julia Chang. So what does it mean? Perhaps Nature Girl Julia is ditching her Green Revolution schtick for TTT2 and adopting a more flashy persona, complete with new, more high-flying moves. What does that mean for fans of her earlier move set and style? Well, there’s always someone who can take over that slot- perhaps her adoptive mom, Michelle?

Could this be true, or a really big red herring? Personally, I think this is it, and if it’s so, I absolutely LOVE it. It’s something totally out of left-field and almost unheard of (it even goes beyond the Lee-Violet Switcheroo in Tekken 4), but it so totally energizes Julia’s character and makes me so much more interested and intrigued in her. Question is, if it IS true, will it carry over into the canon Tekken series? We’ll just have to wait and see. In any case, I can’t freakin’ wait to see what happens next. More as we get it then…


7 Responses to “Tekken Tag 2 Rumor: Who is ‘Jaycee’?”

  1. well that is a tricky name u know…
    Either it is Jessie or Jaycee..
    or if it is J.C,menas Julia Chang.
    This girl wud never be like that,according to my opinion.
    But what can i say,it upto harada to decide.
    And if michelle takes Julia’s place,what about Julia’s fans? who love her for her character.

  2. Julia will be back in Tekken 7 exactly as she was, Michelle will only take her place for TTT2, which is a non canon side-series, just like TTT1 was.

  3. Julia is boring, I’m glad they changed her

  4. Hey Yall!
    I think this video speaks for itself!
    this girl defenily have julias moves!

  5. I agree. Julia looks just too much like Michelle…

  6. Andy Kh Says:

    well i dnt think its julia it may be her sister because its really stupid that harada will make another julia like he made lee and violet !! or like christie and eddy ! or like julia and michelle ! or like mokujin and robot !! that means its really boring to do another julia !! thats my opinion

  7. Dave Mosuki Says:

    I think the transformation of Julia in JayCee is because of King. Both are trying to save the world in differents ways. King in the adoptacion kids, and Julia in the nature. This is a good way of make the of them approche. Let remin that Julia appear in King’s History on Tekken 5, about how concern was about the situation of King. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
    For me will be good have the two together. I am a fan of both of them, I they may do a good couple, like Christie and Eddy xD

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