Tekken Tag 2 in Famitsu: New Character ‘Jaycee’, Screens, Art, Tag Throws… Jinpachi??!

Scans of the latest Famitsu Magazine have surfaced at Japanese gaming blog/site Videogamerx, and among them is a 4-page article on Tekken Tag Tournament 2…. and let me tell you, there’s quite a bit of intriguing stuff on the pages!

Is that… Jinpachi??!

The first spread shows off visuals from the latest trailer, as well as new character art for Jin Kazama, Heihachi Mishima and also sees the apparent return of… JINPACHI MISHIMA? Yep, the Final Boss from Tekken 5 is back despite supposedly being killed at the end of the 5th Tekken Tournament… well, this IS a non-canon game after all. Note however (fortunately) that this seems to be HUMAN Jinpachi, not the Demon-Possessed Jinpachi Final Boss Beast. I guess Wang at least should be happy to have his old friend back, this time perhaps as a teammate!

Also shown is the new Luchadore Girl, battling Asuka Kazama. In one screenshot she appears to be doing a down-hit move similar to one from Leo. In another screenshot, she appears to be leaping in the air doing a split, in the process avoiding a sweeping low attack by Asuka.

The Masked Luchadore Girl finally gets a name!

The second spread’s first page shows more info on the new Masked Wrestler, showing off her Character Artwork with a Kanji name that translates directly as ‘Jaycee’. This obviously adds yet more fuel to the speculation that this character is none other than Julia Chang (J.C.) in disguise.

Elsewhere on the spread are new portraits for Miguel (who’s sporting a new default outfit), Marshall Law and Asuka. In the top-middle is what appears to be a new look for Yoshimitsu(!).

Finally, in the lower sidebar there’s a look at some tag throws, with some interesting team ups: Jin and Law double-team Heihachi with a grab-and-flying kick attack, while Jaycee and Asuka give Miguel a two-on-one DDT/Piledriver. WILD!

There’s so much Japanese text that is really in need of being translated, but sadly these scans are too blurry for easy reading. There’s sure to be tons of info aside from the visuals on these pages, but I guess that will have to wait for much clearer pics. Man, this is all amazing stuff and it just gets me pumped even more for this game! For now, check them out in full size over here. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is due out in Japanese arcades in Summer 2011.


6 Responses to “Tekken Tag 2 in Famitsu: New Character ‘Jaycee’, Screens, Art, Tag Throws… Jinpachi??!”

  1. the name is JeiSii

    I’m pretty sure she will be known as JC

  2. Whoops…sorry didn’t see you mention her name as Jaycee before..

    I thought you only referred her as luchador girl..
    That’s why I wrote that in my prev. comment..

    Anyways thx for the heads up….

  3. i think harada wont tell us whether it is Julia Chang or not,he will just hint Jaycee :s.
    alo i got a picture over here,if u look at it u will find many similarities but also many differences.

  4. JC is Julia, probably because Michelle will be in TTT2 and use her style.

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