Resident Evil 3DS Gameplay Demo Presentation

Survival Horror takes a New Dimension…

Here’s more footage from the Nintendo World 2011 show featuring the upcoming 3DS portable, this time with Capcom’s Resident Evil titles. Resident Evil: Revelations takes place on a ship with players taking control of heroine Jill Valentine (now back to her regular hair color). As I understand it, the game is adapting the original, suspense-filled and atmospheric gameplay of the first games, rather than the run-and-gun action of the more recent REs. Very nice, and the graphics certainly look awesome- Jill’s cute butt is certainly admiringly rendered. Heheh. Really though, don’t these guys know about head shots? Why the hell are they aiming at crotches so often..?
Anyway, those wanting the more action-oriented flavor of RE5 should be interested in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, which stars both Chris and Claire Redfield in some high-powered Majini-fighting action adapted from the original mini-game mode on RE5.

Anyway, the RE games look like more reasons to get a 3DS, darn it. The portable is out this February.


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