Dead or Alive: Dimensions Trailer!

The DOA Saga Continues on the 3DS.

Here’s a pretty lengthy trailer to the upcoming beat ’em up on Nintendo’s new portable, Dead or Alive Dimensions on 3DS. The spot shows off quite a few intriguing things. The roster looks pretty big, with what appears to be everyone from the previous chapters appearing in fine form, including longtime competitors like Leifang and Jann-Lee, as well as DOA4 additions like Mariposa and Kokoro. The characters appeared in different outfits, but these are probably alternate costumes instead of the character customization found in newer fighters.
The DOA saga looks like it will be retold in CG form via cinematics from the previous games, though it looks like an all-new and pretty intriguing story will be told via real-time cutscenes and includes quite a bit of drama and high-octane action. Apparently series’ original bad boy Raidou is back and causing trouble again, forcing the estranged sisters Kasumi and Ayane to work together to fight him.

The trailer goes on to show the return of tag-team combat, what appears to be online play (or at least local multiplayer and match-finding) and ‘digital control’, which means you use the 3DS’s second screen to tap commands easily (where’s the fun in that?). There should be a lot of fight in this comeback for Tecmo’s bouncy brawler. What can I say? I’m really excited with the trailer, as it shows as much new stuff as it does rehashed video. With this and Super Streetfighter IV 3DS coming, seems like I have a pretty good reason to invest in a new portable. Dammit.

DOA Dimensions has been given a March 24 release in Japan.


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