SSFIV AE Yun and Yang Anime Endings!

Ah, to be young and skilled in kung-fu…

Youtube rocks. You can find almost any video there, such as, well, the anime endings for Yun and Yang in Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition! The short cinematics show off the kung-fu brothers meeting up with Chun-li in Yang’s ending, while Yun is snatched off by the brothers’ lady friend in his ending. Unfortunately there are no subtitles, so unless you speak Japanese you’re gonna have to wait till the eventual (and some say inevitable) DLC release of AE on consoles… which should be… when? Ono-san?

Well, there’s really not much to the endings- I’m pretty positive Chun-li’s just congratulating or thanking the kids for their help, then wishing them well. While Yun probably wanted to slack off before getting caught. At least the animation for the endings seem a tad better than the other character endings in SSFIV. Anyway, check out the vids above for yourself now, in case they get taken down later.


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