Two More for Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

Jean Grey AKA Phoenix blazes into the conflict.

The gradual reveal of characters for Capcom’s latest crossover fighter continues with two more iconic fighters thrown into the mix. For the Marvel side is Jean Grey, AKA Phoenix, the former Marvel Girl turned Galactic Force of Nature. Thankfully for this game her ability to manipulate the very fabric of reality and incinerate whole planets has been toned down to the odd fireball, screen-clearing firebird and a bunch of sexy drop kicks. Oh, and apparently she can switch into the nastier Dark Phoenix, which should please comic aficionados out there.

Matching this Cosmic Crusher from the Capcom side is… Mayor Haggar. Well, he may not have the power to flatten suns, but he can piledrive with the best of them AND hammer out city ordinances like few others. Anyway, check out the vids (in HD) and get ready for all the spastic fighting due in a month or two.

This may be Mayor Haggar’s Final Fight… Nah.


One Response to “Two More for Marvel Vs Capcom 3!”

  1. I’m gonna go for the obvious comment and say that they should’ve gotten the OTHER Phoenix. As in the one on the Capcom side. :p

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