More About Dead or Alive: Dimensions!

DOAD’s Chronicle Mode promises education, drama!

Adriasang has just posted a cool article about the next DOA game, Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the 3DS. There will be a Chronicle Mode which will serve as both a type of tutorial as well as bring the players up to speed on the past events in the DOA storyline. Background characters to the game’s storyline will supposedly appear: Shiden, Kasumi’s father and head of the Mugen-Tenshin Ryu ninja clan, Fame Douglas, Helena’s father and head of the DOATEC committee, and Donovan, the dastardly doctor behind all the evil doings at the corporation.

Also revealed are other playable fighters- aside from the so-far seen ninja characters of Kasumi, Ayane, Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate, the roster will include Bayman, Hitomi, Christie and Helena.

Helena and Christie finally have a chance to settle their differences on the 3DS.

Also revealed was how the 3DS’ second screen would figure into gameplay. Apparently the lower screen would display directions for performing special attacks, and beginners can even directly tap these commands onscreen to actually perform them.
I’ve been a DOA fan for years, and I’d really love to support the return of this fighting title back from oblivion. It’s been a while, and other fighters like Tekken 6, SCIV and VF5 make DOA look pretty dated. The 3DS title doesn’t look like it will be the chapter for a significant refresh of the series, but it should be a nice bit to remind players that once upon a time, there was another player in the beat ’em up arena, from Tecmo. Here’s to Team Ninja getting busy and productive then.


2 Responses to “More About Dead or Alive: Dimensions!”

  1. I me the odd man out, but I am actually interested in the DOA backstory.

    • I think the DOA story is actually better than most other fighting game plots out there- it certainly is more dynamic since they actually finished it, to a degree, by the defeat of DOATEC and the apparent death of Donovan in DOA4. It still leaves off a lot to be desired though and has lots of vague points, but heck, it’s more than you’d often expect from a fighting game.

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