How Good Are YOUR Streetfighter CAWs?

When SF meets the WWE…

A CAW is a customized character using the Create-A-Wrestler function in the WWE Smackdown vs Raw games. As sluggish as the collision detection can be sometimes in this series of sports-entertainment simulators, the Character Customization is detailed and nuanced like few others. With a little creativity you can do a lot of great things with it- like, recreate the Street Fighter roster and have them work their differences out in the ring. Well, that’s what jim784m on Youtube did, with what I think are the best SF CAWs I’ve ever seen- they look like they walked off a SFIV disc, complete with some signature moves and even some Alternate Outfits, to boot! All this vid needs are SF voiceovers to make it look totally convincing.

Well, check the vid above out and marvel at the recreations yourself… just beware you may find yourself wanting to create your own CAW stuff yourself afterwards.


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