Tekken Tag 2 Character Languages

Wrong, Kazuya should say “NNNAAAANNNIIIIII????!”

According to the latest posts from Katsuhiro Harada on Twitter, he has said that characters will speak their native languages in Tekken Tag Tournament 2– even more so than previous games. So don’t be surprised when you hear the fighters exchange quips and dialogue in TTT2.

Leo Kleisen will speak Deutsch (German). Miguel Caballero Rojo will speak in Spanish. Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro will speak Native Brazilian (Portuguese). Lili Rochefort will speak French (although she can speak English, she was raised in Monaco, a French-speaking region). One notable exception is Ling Xiaoyu, who will speak Japanese since she is currently a student in a Japanese school. Marshall Law will continue to speak English. Zafina, in lieu of speaking Arabic or Egyptian, will speak English since she’s trying to conceal her actual nationality. Don’t expect Irish-born Nina Williams to speak accented English- again, concealing her background. Sheesh, these girls… so secretive!

I think it’s cool that the devs are taking these extra steps to detail in the game. Hopefully the changes won’t be too jarring. We’ll have to wait I guess, till we see the next trailers and see some characters talk smack. Tekken Tag 2 is set for release in Japan in Summer 2011.


12 Responses to “Tekken Tag 2 Character Languages”

  1. I’d rather prefer that the language they spoke depended on the person they were speaking to, but whatever…

  2. Leo Kliesen will speak GERMAN. Just pointing that out 🙂

  3. This is kind of a dissapointment to me. Why can’t the charcters just speak english? SMH. I hope Harada considers putting in english in the option menu.

  4. I hope that you can turn it back to English. If characters are bilingual, then it makes sense that they’d speak in a language more likely to be understood by their opponent. Plus it’s nice for the player to be able to understand what’s said. If it’s not English then it can be any gobbledegook.

  5. TLG please could you post on haradas twitter that i would really like a level up system up the game with xp and challenges

  6. I think the different languages are a great idea.It always bugged me that characters in other countries spoke english rather than their mother tongue.

  7. to me this more looks like
    Kazuya: Let me teach you a listen Paul
    Law: stop please!
    Paul: just walked away alittle upset.

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