TTT2 Mystery Part 2: Julia Chang Quick Change!

A couple of interesting comparison pics were brought to my attention by longtime poster Ryuhza, and I think it’s worth a look at. If we take Mystery Luchadore Girl’s artwork and super-impose it with Julia Chang’s Tekken 6 art (after first flipping it over) and then mess with the opacity… we can see that Julia and Mystery Girl’s features line up, almost perfectly. Eyes, nose, lips, jawline… they all line up. Heck, their boobs also seem the same size just by looking at them. Once again, a bit more evidence to the speculation that Julia Chang and our mysterious new Masked Babe are one and the same. Or at the very least, that they both look the same under that mask. We can of course consider that Mystery Girl’s artwork isn’t as hi-res or clear as Julia’s, but really- the closeness is unmistakable.

Is this what lies under the mask?

The last time a similar bit of identity hi-jinx occurred was way back in Tekken 4, when sneaky Lee Chaolan entered the tournament under the guise and alias of Violet. It was only after a bit of playing with him that his true identity would be revealed, and the Violet revealed to be just a skin.

In this case, perhaps the biggest proof will be if Julia’s missing from the roster come release day. If she’s also in the roster along with Mystery Girl, then perhaps there are other possibilities to consider (twin sister?). Or not. Maybe. In any case I love the idea of Julia taking on a new persona, hopefully with cool new moves, hot new outfits and customizations and a more playful personality. For now though, we can just wonder and hope the next updates to TTT2 aren’t too far away. The game is set for Japanese arcades in Summer 2011.


5 Responses to “TTT2 Mystery Part 2: Julia Chang Quick Change!”

  1. Now that you brought it up, it could very well be Michelle

  2. I think that the masked wrestler is Julia, remember in tekken 6 julia scenario campaign when she encounters with king he say whats happen you wanna learn wrestling or something like that

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