TTT2 Mystery Fighter… Julia Chang in Disguise?

Since the release of yesterday’s holiday trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, fans have been discussing about it at forums, blogs and fansites endlessly. One intriguing issue though has surfaced regarding the mysterious masked luchadora fighter who debuted in the trailer. Who is she? Well, there has been speculation ever since she first appeared that she may not be a totally new character, but an existing one that has adapted a new persona. Some suspected at first it was Christie Monteiro, but that wasn’t likely since we’d know it was Christie the moment we saw her standing stance. Another possibility has been raised and posted over at sites like Neogaf and SD-Tekken which seems far more valid. Is Mystery Girl none other than Julia Chang?

Julia and Masked Luchadore Girl… one and the same?

There are several factors supporting this. if you look closely at the comparison pic above, both girls are wearing the same amulet- now unless there’s a store selling those things, the conclusion is obvious. Julia’s fighting style, though often characterized as Chinese Martial Arts, includes many wrestling-type throws. Yes, Miss Lucha has shown she has several lucha-type attacks that Julia doesn’t, but then- maybe Julia learned some new tricks.

Same height, similar fighting stance.

Next, as seen in the pic above, both Julia and Lucha Girl seem to be of similar build (yeah, they’re both hot), but more importantly their standing stance seems similar. This is, of course, taken from what we could get in the TTT2 trailer right now. There’s no reason though why Julia can’t change her stance to fit her persona.

The question is… WHY? Why take an existing character and dress her up as a totally new one? Well, for starters it saves the devs effort on actually making a new fighter. Maybe they have some sort of weird storyline that has Julia taking on a new persona to intervene in the feud between King, Marduk and Armor King (we do know from Tekken 5 that Julia and King are friends). If this is all true, will players be able to select regular Julia? Can you pit her against Miss Luchadore? Is this something that we will just suspect yet will never truly know if it’s true or not? Man, these devs are tricky dudes, aren’t they?
Then there’s that other possibility… that Miss Luchadore is Julia’s Twin Sister? I mean, there have been two Armor Kings after all. Two sisters… with twin amulets? Kind of a stretch, but at least this allows for two different babes. I like the mystery secret identity angle better though.

In the end, we’ll just have to wait and see as more of the game is revealed. If Luchadore turns out to have more than enough moves to set her apart from ‘Vanilla’ Julia Chang, her own costumes and customizations as well as intros and win animations, then that’s fine. If she’s got a secret- a secret identity, then perhaps it just adds to the charm of this new character while at the same time giving the existing, and admittedly kinda bland, Julia Chang an air of mystery which players may latch onto. More as we get it then!

Check out SD-Tekken’s articles on this subject here! Check out the original post from Master Thespian at Neogaf’s TTT2 thread here.


5 Responses to “TTT2 Mystery Fighter… Julia Chang in Disguise?”

    • Once again, another intriguing bit of evidence. Man, I wonder what this is all about? I just hope she gets a lot of cool customizations apart from Julia. Shades of the Violet-Lee thing, eh?

  1. julia had the hurracanranna (luchador’s style) grab when you do the side step grab… check it out..

  2. She could also be michelle chang. Michelle looked very similar to Julia and has been missing for a while. That relation would also explain why they are wearing the same pendant.

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