New MK Scans: Sindel, Sonya, Kratos, Etcetera!

View it while it’s there!

UPDATE: posted larger pics of the scans. Check ’em out here.
A video posted on Youtube is showing off some scans from a gaming mag with pics from the upcoming Mortal Kombat. Newly-revealed is Sindel, the long-haired Scream Queen of Outworld, who comes with a sexy outfit that leaves little to the imagination. Not to be outdone is Sonya Blade, who’s sporting her own skimpy outfit in a look that’s reminding me of Nina Williams’ Death By Degrees outfit… that’s a good thing, btw (the outfit was hot even if the game wasn’t). Also shown off is returning ninja Ermac, who’s so far my favorite ninja design (even if I don’t play him at all) and looks at Jax and some other fighters.

This new, rebooted MK looks slick as heck, but in the end, the proof is in the fighting. We’ll see if the actual fighting system, which has supposedly been redone to be more free-form, has the goods to keep players in this new Kombat. This is out in April 2011.


One Response to “New MK Scans: Sindel, Sonya, Kratos, Etcetera!”

  1. man thats from my beloved polish magazine psx extreme its on our market for the past 15 years, amaizing they again delivered something before everyone else , btw game looks amazing

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