Marvel VS Capcom 3, Episode 3 Trailer!

The epic drama of two worlds continues…

The upcoming Marvel VS Capcom 3: The Fate of Two Worlds may not be my most anticipated fighting game coming next year; I don’t find the roster (which is so much smaller and less cool than previous MVCs) that exciting and the animation is looking stiff, but I always enjoy a good Crossover Story. Just what is the reason for all these mismatched fighters meeting and beating? Well, of course we all know it’s an evil plot by the most dastardly of the villains (Wesker and Doom, probably), but it should be pretty interesting (and hilarious) to see how the characters interact and work their ways to the end. Anyway, enjoy the trailer! The fighting starts next February.


One Response to “Marvel VS Capcom 3, Episode 3 Trailer!”

  1. Not a fan of having to press 10 buttons in 0.5 seconds, but just might get this anyway. Roster could be better, but as long as my hero Deadpool’s in, all is well.

    Deadpool should have his own game

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