Lara Croft on the AppStore!

Not quite Tomb Raider, but close enough.

WHOA! I never heard anything about this, but apparently Square-Enix has just released Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on the appstore. Both an iPhone and iPad version (HD) will be available by tomorrow (Dec. 16), though New Zealanders already have it. I haven’t seen any vids yet, but supposedly the iOS version is a dual-stick shooter, which the platform does pretty well. Anyway, I’ll almost surely be getting this as soon as I can, along with a bunch of other releases coming on the morrow.

It’s pretty cool to have Lady Croft on my iDevices, but how about a port of Tomb Raider Underworld as well? Just asking…

UPDATE! I got me Lara Croft game installed on the iPad, and well oh, well! Aside from a pretty consistent crash during an early cutscene, the game controls, looks and plays quite smoothly and well. Actual animated cutscenes have been reduced to comic-style panels, but otherwise, this seems the real deal. If you’re an iGamer who’s hankering on having Lady Croft gracing your iPhone or iPad, this is it. I’ll try to post a vid and perhaps a review soon.


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