Tekken Watch: New Customization, Costumes for TTT2, Roster Size

It’s been a bit slow lately, even on Katsuhiro Harada’s Twitter, but there are bits and stuff aside from the occasional piece of Tekken or Soulcalibur artwork doled out by the Tekken producer from the old Namco hard drives.
As often mentioned before, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will see the return of Character Customization, with a “New Customization System with New Custom Costume. Include Lots of costume”. No idea yet if we’ll be seeing old outfits from Tekken 6 returning (I’d say the popular pieces and customizations should return). Vague, but encouraging stuff.
Update: We may be seeing the Customization System adopt color options ala Soulcalibur, judging from how Harada responded to a tweet. It would indeed be cool if we can mix our own colors for each individual costume part, instead of having to buy/earn multiple different-colored copies of the same item.

There will be over 40 characters in the game, even more than Tekken 6. No word yet who from the mists of antiquity will be returning; Jun Kazama is supposedly in consideration, but still Harada won’t cough up any confirmation, which is pretty obvious at this point why.

Random bit- Lars Alexandersson is in his 20s. Jin’s favorite dish is takoyaki (octopus balls), while Bryan’s is carbonara (does that guy even still eat???).

Well, that’s not too much eh? On the bright side, we’re nearing the end of 2010, so the release of the arcade version of TTT2 is inching closer and closer. Hopefully this will mean we’ll see more and more of the game, hopefully in more screens and perhaps new videos, in the next couple of months. More as we get it then.


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