Immortal Kombat: Effin’ Kratos Coming to MK PS3!

Redefining what ‘K’ in MK will stand for.

Apparently his demise was very much exaggerated, as Kratos AKA The God of War will be making an appearance on the PS3 version of the upcoming Mortal Kombat. This is pretty damn cool, and while Kratos seemed a at first a good fit in Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny on the PSP, ultimately the bloodless brawler seemed to water the god of war down.

That shouldn’t be the case in MK, where we can expect the Spartan to gut, cut and eviscerate with the best of them. How ’bout a sex minigame ala Test Your Might? Kratos’ own big daddy, David Jaffe, would surely think that only appropriate. As you’d expect, Kratos won’t be playable in the game’s Story Mode, but will have his own stuff like moves, fatalities and stage.

Of course, this is an exclusive for the PS3 version- will we see a similar surprise for Xbox360 owners? We’ll just have to wait and see.


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