iGamers Get an Early Christmas…

It’s raining big-name titles over at the appstore.

My gosh! Today will forever go down in Lone Gamer History as a Day of Infamy… as I plunk down an ungodly amount of money for games for my iPhone and iPad. Okay, it’s not really that much- in fact, I’ll probably spend in total less than I would for a single game on either PS3 or Xbox360, but it’s still something quite unheard of. Several high-profile, big-name titles have just arrived on the appstore, and they all scream Must Have for me.

First and foremost for me is Puzzle Quest 2. While I’ve seen and played different versions of the original PQ, this is my first time on the sequel. From what I’ve seen so far, you won’t be laying siege to cities or spanning continents to stop a world-beating evil this time; the quest is more personal with old-fashioned dungeon crawls and tussles with fierce monsters and the occasional feisty locked chest.
The new style of artwork (very different from the anime-style visuals of the first game) and overall presentation look really nice and slick, so I’ve got high hopes that I’ll be wasting away days and days grinding and matching gems very soon.

Then there’s Infinity Blade, the Unreal Engine-powered on-rails Hack-and-Slash RPG/action game that’s been hyped to no end and really looks freakin’ awesome even if there are some there who call it just a prettier Dragon’s Lair. So far feedback has been good- I just wanna see this on my iPad, in my hands, right away. If anything, this is an awesome title to just show off to people, so that should be worth the price. Heh…

Jenga. I really like this game, and having it in this form, with unique touch controls to the iOS4 devices is great. Since this was developed with the original Jenga creator along, this should be as authentic to the tabletop game as you can get.

I’m also interested in the just released Eternal Legacy– Gameloft’s Final Fantasy clone- and Dead Rising Mobile. However, both titles are iPhone native; I think I’ll wait for a Universal or iPad version first.

Man, I’m gonna be spending quite a bit. Still, all the games I get for my iDevices tonight still won’t add up to even just one game for PS3 or Xbox360, so what the heck. Lots of nice casual gaming ready to go then. Reviews on these games will be forthcoming, as I get ’em.


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