Infinity Blade Chops iOS Devices in Early December!


Chair and Epic Games’ much-anticipated Unreal-powered hack-and-slash title Infinity Blade has been given a release date and price. The game formerly-known-as-Project-Sword will be out for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod 3 and iPod 4 this coming December 9, at the reasonable price of $5.99. This impressive-looking title is described as an action-RPG swordfighting adventure, putting players in control of an armored warrior searching for treasure and battling various armored foes as you fight your way to the final boss, known as The God King. As with many titles on the iOS platform, updates and patches are expected to come soon after release (though this is dependent on sales), further expanding the game with more content such as new equipment, enemies and so on.

I’m pretty stoked for this title. The graphics alone are worth the price of admission, but if this is as playable as it is pretty, this could be one of the best apps yet on the platform. Expect a full review soon after I get my hands on this one.


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