New Tekken Tag 2 Screenshot Peeks at New Tag Throw!

Paul and Law get ready to clean Kazuya out…

Hot off Katsuhiro Harada’s Twitter! Never mind the added-on dialogue, the pic above is the latest glimpse doled out to us from the in-development Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Hardcore fans will surely want to pour through every pixel of the pic, which should show off, even just a bit, the improved character models and, of course, apparently a new stage- which seems to be a resort overlooking the ocean or a beach. Perfect place to have bikini fights, eh? As usual, the lighting makes the characters look all nicely life-like and solid (even if Kaz’s hand is popping right out of Paul’s crotch). This game should easily look a notch better than Tekken 6 did, once it’s done.

Anyway, just what the tag throw the two penniless bums are about to inflict on Kaz is open to speculation… two-on-one facebuster/bulldog? Tandem gut punches? Or maybe they’ll indeed carry Kaz off to the bank- who knows? For a look at the pic in full-size, click here.

More as we get it then!

UPDATE: Harada-san just confirmed in a tweet reply that there will be a Beach Stage in TTT2. Whether this is it or not, we’ll have to wait and see…


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