Shock! Shock! Ken Confirmed in SF X Tekken?

Shotokan brothers unite to face the Iron Fist Invasion.

From one of the latest Tweetfighter updates from Yoshinori Ono comes this pic of the upcoming cross-over fighter, Streetfighter X Tekken, being playtested by the blokes over at Capcom UK. It’s just one pic, but quite telling as you can see the familiar blonde-haired locks of Ken beside Ryu’s portrait above the life bars (opposite Kazuya and Nina). Well, either that or it’s Cody wearing a red shirt. Or a very mannish, beret-less Cammy with her hair down. Anyway, Ken’s presence in the Capcom side roster is hardly a surprise, but it’s nice to see that there are developments ever since we last saw this game months ago. Apparently Ono-san is bringing the playable build around for Capcom offices outside Japan to see. Hopefully we’ll see a new trailer or actual vid soon to see other additions to this inevitable clash of franchises. More as we get it then.


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