Disney’s Tangled: US VS Japanese Trailers!

In contrast to the previous post that was about a movie that’s months away, let’s focus on a movie that’s out this week. It’s Disney’s Tangled, their sassy and gorgeous-looking reinvention of the Rapunzel story. Now, I’m already sold on this, but still I devour every trailer, video and viral ad they put out online. Now, I also came across the Japanese trailer for the film, and it’s pretty interesting how different it is, tonally, from the US one.

The US trailer comes with upbeat music, witty narration from Flynn Rider, lots of fast edits of sight gags and slapstick and exhilirating action.

The Japanese trailer is decidedly more subdued in terms of comedy- it’s much more straight to the point, plot-heavy, with dramatic music and more emotional scenes. Oh, and the serious Japanese narrator. It brings to mind the same way the Japanese treat their own anime stuff, like Miyazaki films.
Also, instead of a Japanese dub, it’s subtitled- I guess the Japanese like having the US voices around. The difference in tone is quite fascinating and refreshing, although I guess I prefer the fun and light tone of the US ads.

Anyway, the film is out November 24. I’ll be watching this, hopefully soon after I watch the latest Potter flick. After watching heavy drama, it’s good to have some light-hearted fun.


2 Responses to “Disney’s Tangled: US VS Japanese Trailers!”

  1. funny, I think my friend played a demo of a game just like this

  2. anime online…

    […]Disney’s Tangled: US VS Japanese Trailers! « The Lone Gamer[…]…

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