Tekken Tag Tournament… Turbo?

Katsuhiro Harada’s latest tweets include several clips of gameplay from something called Tekken Tag Tournament Turbo– which is apparently a limited release edition (as in, limited to the Namco-Bandai offices, apparently) of the first Tekken Tag. Crazy speed, even crazier combos and lots of oddness abound. Suffice to say, as funny as it looks, I hope TTT2 is nowhere near anything like it. Anyway, check the gameplay out here, here and here.

On other Crossover-Fighter news, apparently Yoshinori Ono’s announcement regarding Streetfighter X Tekken in the recently-concluded Moscow Capcom event was nothing more than mentioning when the next possible news about SFxTekken will be… WHHAAAT? Holy nothing news, Batman! Oh well… what can you do? Keeping out eyes peeled still on Twitter then.


3 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament… Turbo?”

  1. This game was shown at a tourney in Japan over 10 years ago. TekkenZaibatsu actually wrote an article on it..


    They uploaded some videos back then… Then a few years later SDTekken wrote an article on TTT Turbo… uploaded the vids to MarkMan’s old Youtube account(which is now suspended)..

    The vids were gone, but re-uploaded to this account.

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