More New Fighters for Marvel Vs Capcom 3!

Hot on the debuts of She-Hulk and Zero in Marvel Vs Capcom 3, a couple more combatants have been revealed for the crossover fighter, albeit apparently as DLC characters. Resident Evil heroine Jill Valentine joins along with alien menace Shuma-Gorath as additional characters that will be available as downloads via the MvC3 special edition.

Jill will be sporting her ‘Nina Williams’ look from Resident Evil 5, complete with sexy black battle suit, short blonde hair and, strangely enough, the mind-controlling device embedded in her chest. Shuma-Gorath is, of course, naked. Check out official artworks for these two, as well as looks at the cover art for the game, over at Fighter’s Generation. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 debuts on PS3 and Xbox360 this coming February 15, 2011.


One Response to “More New Fighters for Marvel Vs Capcom 3!”

  1. XandiR AStRoCreeP Says:

    ohh! thank god Jill is Back! i love her! she better be Top Tier like she was in MvC2 or i will be angry. Jill was my Leader in all my teams in MvC2 and its nice to have that choice again. added bonus, Now we can have an Entire Resident Evil Team!

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