SHOCKER! Sonya Blade is in Upcoming Mortal Kombat?!!

Screenshot reveals the latest add-ons to the upcoming brawler.

Okay, you got me… it’s really not a surprise, but heck, it’s nice to see another babe in this roster full of sweaty guys, creepy ninja and one harpy who can and will bite your head off and swallow it whole. With Jax confirmed just a few weeks ago, it was really only a matter of time before his partner was announced as well. Hopefully now that the cat’s out of the bag, we’ll see a video showing Miss Blade in action soon.
Also, concept art of Goro and Ermac have also surfaced online, leading to speculation that these challengers may also be in the game as well. You can check out the art over at Fighter’s Generation.


One Response to “SHOCKER! Sonya Blade is in Upcoming Mortal Kombat?!!”

  1. Damn Sonya looks hot. She had such a messed up face in MKDA. I just hope her outfit isn’t balls. That would be a massive shame. If they put in her MKDA alt – the military dress uniform with the thigh high boots – this will officially be the best game OF ALL TIME.

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