Musing about Tekken Tag Tournament 2…

Seeing the recent sneak peek of the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was pretty awesome, and it really gives me hope that this next Iron Fisted installment (albeit a non-canon installment) will be something special. From what we’ve been shown in the test footage, we can apparently expect TTT2 to be Tekken Tag on steroids, with characters jumping in and out like crazy, not just to tag into the fight but to make assists, break a throw, extend a combo, throw a bound move, do a tag-throw, fire an unblockable and more. In fact, players will probably discover more than what the devs originally set out to do after lots of play- that’s what players do.

Then there’s the promise of stage interaction. The original TTT was set in mostly bare arenas- TTT2 will feature more prominent walls that will figure strategically in combos (which should be really balanced). Will there be a return of other, in-stage obstacles as in Tekken 4? I wasn’t particularly fond of having phone booths in the way of my fight though- but at the very least we’ll be seeing the return of multi-level stages from Tekken 6, even if they are generally seen as just being cosmetic in effect. Perhaps more than a few players like slamming their opponents through the floor.

I’m also hoping for more detail and character interaction on the sides of the actual fighting, even if it’s more cosmetic than anything else. When you join up various fighters, I wanna see how they react to each other during intros and win animations. Yeah, it’s been done a bit before, but with graphical advances in animation and character models’ expressions, it should be even more awesome now.
We’ve already seen a bit of it in the teaser trailer- how Asuka pouts after her douchebag partner Jin gives her the cold shoulder. It’s that kind of thing I wanna see with many combinations. Not just the expected (yeah, Anna and Nina will be bickering like mad, as always), but stuff that can build on the characters. Lei Wulong and Bryan Fury will probably keep one wary eye on the other as well as on the opponent, as would Kazuya and Lee.
Taking a book from Capcom’s classic Rival Schools, this could also extend to Game Over screens- we may see a caring partner trying to revive their fallen partner, while a cold partner will either leave their comrade lying on the ground in disgust, or even kick them while they’re down. It’s details like this that I appreciate a lot, and show the investment of the devs in their characters.

Customization has already been confirmed, and I look forward once again to the possibilities for making my favorites as bad-ass or as silly as I want. I really hope they improve or enhance what was available in Tekken 6, either with a LOT more possibilities for clothing and appearance-tweaking, or actually scrapping the old way and going the more detailed system used in Soulcalibur IV, complete with the ability to change or mix colors instead of having to buy the same shirt over and over. Oh, and I’m hoping for the return of Item Moves and crazier effects as well.

Anyway, that’s enough musing for now. Back to monitoring Harada-san’s Twitter then. Till the next TTT2 update then!


One Response to “Musing about Tekken Tag Tournament 2…”

  1. I agree with what you’ve said and that’s what i wouldv’e probably said too.
    But i just want to summarise what i expect/don’t expect in the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in a list because it’s much more simple to read than a paragraph. Also, ‘if’ the people related to making Tekken are looking at this, then i would very much appreciate it if you did include these features into the game.

    Now here is my list.
    -Try to create new talented characters. I’m not trying to say the roster right now is bad, i just want someone new. I mean, there are plenty of fighting styles out there that could work and that new girl looks cool and a bit mysterious to me as is it michelle/julia or a new character?
    -Better graphics that are accurate in movements, settings and how they look. It already looks brill now though.
    -More moves that are very dramatic and powerful and don’t make it ‘too’ focused on combos. I couldn’t do a single one!
    -I still want to keep the combo grapples that king, nina amd some others have but i couldn’t do them combos. I had some difficulties but they are like really furious which i like.
    -Make the health bars realistic, i mean in TTT if you do a punch it takes like a 1/4 of health off. That’s what big kicks are supposed to do! Think about it, imagine you getting kicked 5 times in the head, imagine how much health that might take. We get blood coming out of us, so why don’t they! Even though little bubbles of blood appear on the character out of nowhere, in the air and dissapear, i still want it to be like in real life.
    -Also, realistic settings like the wall will break if slammed into it and not having an invisible wall stopping you from going anywhere like maybe in a pool.
    -The characters need expressions like if they get slammed through the floor maybe have them shouting.
    -Better customizations like different styles and colours, be hilarious!!
    -Don’t make it permanent online, make online optional and can sign out any time.
    -Make moves that fit well for characters to intertwine their abilities to create a ferocious team attack like some of the fantastic examples of gameplay i saw on the trailers/teasers and the smeak peaks.-
    -Phew for it NOT being in the storyline because it was insane and confusing!
    -The languages and voices needs to be okay with subtitles but it’s fine with they’ve got.
    -Seriously needs to come out on console as soon as possible and it’s on every console at least.
    -I want it to be able to allows to pick who we want as a team like the previous tekken rag did. I love if my favs are together even though they bicker.

    Anyways looking forward to it dudes!!!!

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