Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at MLG!

As promised, Katsuhiro Harada (with Michael Murray) came onstage at the ongoing MLB Dallas Gaming Event and showed off a short video of WIP Tekken Tag Tournament 2 gameplay. It wasn’t a complete match or such, but instead a 2 segment demo vid look, with characters demonstrating some of the moves/tactics the devs are thinking of putting in the game. These include tag combos and tag throws, where three characters are onscreen, to tag-saves, where your partner will come out to help you out of a throw or combo.
They also showed how the wall may figure in, allowing for bound combos or even unblockables being fired by one fighter as the other keeps the onscreen enemy juggled or stunned with a combo. The way the characters switch or jump in was pretty quick, smooth and seamless, which should be pretty awesome and hectic in a finished, actual match.
Harada mentioned that depending on how you input commands or press the tag button, characters will intuitively jump into the screen to do the action required, be it a combo, throw, save or whatever.
Even better, Harada-san stated that TTT2 will feature a record feature in the Practice Mode, which should please those hardcore enough to count frames. Also, there will be a Tutorial mode to show off how to pull off the apparently more complex moves this time around. Good stuff!

Though it wasn’t shown in the presentation, the multiple levels from Tekken 6 will also be incorporated into TTT2.

Characters shown in action include Jin, Asuka, King, Armor King, Paul and Law. They looked as they did in Tekken 6, albeit the stage they were on was supposedly just a background the devs are using for testing.

Jin in Tekken 6 (Left) compared to his TTT2 look (Right). More detail, more emo!

They also showed a slide showing how the graphics will improve from Tekken 6 to TTT2, with a Tekken 6 character model of Jin side by side with what may be how he looks in TTT2. There’s slightly more detail, better shadows and little tweaks- Not a big jump but pretty nice. That plus the impression I got from how solid the fighters looked in the demo gives me a lot of hope that TTT2 will look freakin’ awesome.

Afterwards, Harada and Murray held a Q&A session. For the most part, the questions were run-of-the-mill, PR-friendly stuff that has already been answered before elsewhere- is TTT2 canon? Who’s the young Heihachi? Will there be returning characters? Will Tekken X SF come out before or after TTT2… been there, done that.

Still, it was pretty cool to see a peek into TTT2. Where do we go from here? Well, we’re gonna just have to keep monitoring Harada-san’s Twitter and hope that the next media won’t be too far away. Later then!


2 Responses to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 at MLG!”

  1. were there any more comparison pics posted, cuz I didn’t get to see the live stream?

    • Nah, they just showed the one pic with Jin. It wasn’t a long or big presentation, but just a little extra bonus thing, I guess. Harada probably just recorded some stuff from the devs and put it together to show. Something to tide us over till the next trailer or milestone in development.

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