Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Next Look Imminent!

As of this writing, we’re still about eight or so hours away till Katsuhiro Harada’s presentation of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Test Gameplay Footage at the ongoing MLG Event in Dallas, Texas. The footage will be available first probably streamed over at the MLG website, but should reach other channels shortly after. We have to note that this is NOT a new trailer, which is something Harada pointed out quite clearly on his Twitter. That saying, what can we expect?

Test gameplay should involve all in-game graphics and footage, showing characters in combat, showing off the tag team gameplay and hopefully some views of any new game mechanics- wall games, tag throws, tagging-in play and so on. At this point, anything Harada shows will be news to all of us- what fighters will be appearing will perhaps confirm those fighters at least for the roster. Will we see a Character Select screen? The stages, will we see the same stuff shown in the first teaser, or see some places all new? How long will the video be? At least one full match?

Aside from that, I guess one more reason to watch the actual streaming on MLG is to see if Harada answers any of the many questions fans are sure to pose to him after or before the presentation. I really don’t expect anything too substantial from that, but who knows? Again, at this point any bit of news is something. Anyway, that’s that for now. Hopefully by the next post we’ll have the video and information on hand. Later then!


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