Sucker Punch Trailer Rocks!

Perhaps the most fantastic Women in Prison flick ever.

Some time ago we all saw the teaser trailer for director Zack Snyder’s next film, entitled Sucker Punch. It was cool, it was pretty, it was madness. Well, the first full trailer of this mindfreak eye candy cavalcade has more of a narrative. Apparently this film involves several hot babes in a prison using their brains to escape… but instead of just going the Clint Eastwood route and fashioning a faux bust and making a rubber raft from toilet paper, these girls seem to enter some sort of Dreamworld or Alternate Reality to accomplish whatever they’re trying to do in the real world.

If Snyder set out (and succeeded) in bringing a graphic novel to movie form with 300, here I think it’s weirdly the opposite- Sucker Punch looks like a movie vying to look like some mad-awesome graphic novel, with visuals that scream like splash pages and iconic action moments seemingly ripped from some mad mangaka’s fever dream imagination. Giant Demon Samurai? Fire-breathing Dragons? Robot Armies? Babes with Katanas? OODLES!

Anyway, it looks very promising. Something to watch out for next year at the theaters then. For now, check out the trailer!


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