Mystery SSFIV Arcade Pic Intrigues Conspiracy Theorists!

Do you SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE what Dhalsim is cooking?

The pic above was tweeted by Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono some time ago, and while most have dismissed it as just a random screenshot of the upcoming Arcade Edition of Super Streetfighter IV, a couple of sites have latched onto it as a teaser for another new fighter added to SSFIV’s roster. If you squint and stare reeeeaaaalllly close-up like, you can see that the person being charbroiled in Yoga Flame looks like a buff, muscular dude. Fighter’s Generation has speculated that it may be Alex, the fatigues-clad grappler hero from SFIII. On the other hand, is saying that it may be Urien, citing that the figure appears to be wearing a thong (or is that just an effect of the flame?).

Either people are really sharp-sighted, really imaginative, or really, really, really desperate for some new characters. Anyway… is it Alex? Is it Urien? Or is it just Zangief or Sagat? Or better yet, Elena after working out a lot? Only time, and Ono, will tell. Anyway, the better thing I’ve gathered from Ono-san’s recent tweets is that he’s finished with SSFIV Arcade, so now he’s 100 percent working on Streetfighter X Tekken. Well, it’s about time!


4 Responses to “Mystery SSFIV Arcade Pic Intrigues Conspiracy Theorists!”

  1. Hmm very strange but is it really worth a post? Its probably just a model that used on all sprites when he does his Yoga Flame. I don’t think we should blow it out of proportion. No pun intended.

  2. Joppula Says:

    I know this an old post. Please follow up on this story.

    Ono San had NEVER addressed this photo. To this day no one knows who this was.

    Two possibilities:

    1) There are one/two more characters hidden in the AE machines that will be revealed this

    2) This was a random troll and that’s actually Oni or a twin in that twitpic.

    Please try to help us get some closure.


    • Dude, as you said- Ono has never addressed this photo, and nobody but him knows who it was being parboiled in the screen. Of the possibilities you laid out, #2 is the more likely to be correct.

      SFIV Arcade Edition adds in Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu. No other characters have been revealed since, and recently it has also been announced that there will be no additional characters in AE, which is confirmed to be the LAST SSFIV/SFIV installment. From here on in, Ono is focusing on SFxTekken and SFIII OL.

      You can try to chase down Ono and try to get him to speak up, but good luck on that. I don’t feel inclined to do so, since, well, there’s really no point. Either it was Yun, Yang, Oni or E.Ryu, or not. That’s all there is to it. For now.

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