Pro-Zombie Soccer iPad Takes it to ELEVEN!

Among the literal hordes of zombie-themed games on the iOS platform, several titles are head and shoulder above the pack thanks to slick art direction, cool and addictive gameplay and polished production. One of these is Pro-Zombie Soccer from Chillingo. Though it’s basically a zombie shooter but with soccerball-bouncing mechanics and a cool storyline, PZS was awesome enough to be a memorable title in a sea of me-too shamblers. Well, it’s been a while since the release of the original iPhone version, and now Chillingo is set on unleashing a release for the iPad. Suffice to say, they’re not just simply porting over the game as it was on the smaller devices.

This is how the game looks on iPhone.

Now, this is the game on the iPad. See the difference?

Pro-Zombie Soccer: Apocalyptic Edition (iPad) will feature TONS more zombies, HD visuals and redone levels, plus an exclusive new ‘sniper’ mode. Wowers! I really loved this game on iPhone, and man, that one screenshot for the iPad just got me pumped up for lots more soccerball-kicking zombie-exterminating action. Angry Satellite Apocalypse Here We Come!
The game’s set for release on the appstore later this month, according to the devs on the Toucharcade Forums. Man, I can’t wait.


2 Responses to “Pro-Zombie Soccer iPad Takes it to ELEVEN!”

  1. Parabéns pelo otimo artigo 🙂

  2. nice game love it

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