Happy Halloween Gaming!

Hey there, everyone. It’s the Witching Hour here, so I should get some shut-eye soon… but darn, I’m still wide awake after playing a couple of hours of Red Dead Redemption. That’s the regular RDR mode, albeit I’ve already installed my newly-purchased Undead Nightmare DLC. Strange is, I only got RDR recently, and now I’m enjoying playing it. Heck, I may just have to play through a lot of it in regular mode before I switch to UN. I mean, there’s a lot of referential stuff that you’ll probably enjoy more in UN if you play through RDR first. The good news is, it’s not really a chore at all- living life through John Marston’s boots is pretty awesome. It’s literally living every Western Movie I’ve ever watched.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the long weekend break. Should be able to play a lot more games before the good times end. Everyone, enjoy yourselves and stay safe. Happy Halloween!


One Response to “Happy Halloween Gaming!”

  1. I just found a typo in the tekken 6 calendar, in november it goes 11 12 11

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