Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Update

Versus City just posted an update about the next Tekken game. The latest issue of Arcadia Magazine in Japan has a short article on the game, which includes an interview with series producer Katsuhiro Harada. The info isn’t exactly that mind-blowing; the roster will not go below what’s already there at present (the roster in Tekken 6), walls will be in the game as the devs want elements from Tekken 4 onwards to be incorporated in the game, plus overall the game should have a ‘festive’ feel. Anyway, read the whole article here.

Anyway, on the Twitter front Harada has also teased that the team is considering adding a Story Mode into TTT2. The game will be at 720p and 60fps, just like Tekken 6 (no 1080p for us). The game will be able to support up to 4 characters at once onscreen, but what conditions will have everyone onscreen at the same time? Man, that’s gonna be crazy.

That’s it for now. More as it arrives, then.


One Response to “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Update”

  1. check out the Kaz wallpaper he gave out to his followers on FB & Twitter.


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