The Playstation Phone, for Real!

Yet another potentially awesome mobile gaming platform is arriving soon.

Engadget just posted pics of what is supposedly the real deal- A Playstation Phone. The pic above is of a prototype produced by Sony Ericsson, and will run on the Android platform. No analog nubs, instead we get a multitouch pad in between the d-pad and the customary PS buttons. The thing unsurprisingly does not support UMDs or Memory Sticks, but has a Micro-SD slot.

We’ve really heard little about any games for this new Playstation-branded device, but hopefully a strong lineup should appear as it approaches release. Not really thinking this a replacement for my iPhone or iPad as a gaming device or a mobile companion yet… but a strong lineup of games (hopefully including some titles rhyming with Smekken or Petal Ear) may make this a gamer’s phone of choice. This is due out perhaps late 2010 or early 2011.


One Response to “The Playstation Phone, for Real!”

  1. ive been waiting for this gadget for a long time. I will buy as soon as possible. Thanks for your info

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