Puzzle Quest HD on iPad

Conquering the kingdom one gem at a time… in High Resolution.

Puzzle Quest is not a new game. In fact, it’s a couple of years old and has come out on a horde of platforms. However, the classic formula of mixing Bejeweled with an RPG just works incredibly well, and no matter how many times this game is resurrected, it seems that fans will always be willing to check it out. I already played this a bit on PSP, bought the iPhone version, but it really took the recently-released iPad version, Puzzle Quest HD, to get me playing this for hours and hours.

Yeah, sad to say, I never really progressed that much in the iPhone game- I could never really play too long since the battery would drain quicker than a your life bar after a particularly lucky enemy combo. It was also draining on my admittedly unfit eyes, staring at a tiny screen, trying to match gems and skulls in an attempt to win the deadly jewel duel. Another major complaint with the iPhone version was frequent bugs with the save files, with much-beloved heroes inexplicably disappearing, wasting hours and hours of grinding time and hard-won battles. Fortunately I never experienced losing a save, but that was poor consolation.

Thankfully now I can play to my heart’s content (or, at least, the length of the iPad’s prodigious battery life) and easily enjoy the lush, sharp visuals on the tablet’s larger real estate.

And so where am I now? My wizard is 16th level, Knight of the realm yet oddly enough ruler of my own little empire of several subjugated cities. Just beat a damn tough boss, and now I’m raring for more. All thanks to HD, baby.

At about $4.99, the iPad version gives you high-res visuals and all the additional content over the original game (that’s three episodes, as far as I know), so this is by far the best version to get. It looks, plays and sounds awesome, and pretty much has conquered my iPad as my most-played game now. This game just never gets old. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got some giant rats to challenge…


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