Cowboys vs Ninjas Movie!

Looks freakin’ awesome.

Here’s the trailer to the upcoming hack-and-slash-and-shoot fantasy action-adventure flick The Warrior’s Way, starring Geoffrey Rush (that’s Barbossa from Pirates of the Carribbean), Kate Bosworth and South Korean superstar Jang Dong Gun. The film is being produced by Barrie Osborne, who also produced the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so it’s sure to look pretty slick.

The trailer is hot stuff, with armies of flying ninja, gun-toting cowboys, surreal landscapes, and slow-mo swordfights. This came out of nowhere and looks pretty fantastic. Hopefully there’s a strong narrative to back up the great visuals and action.

Jang Dong Gun stars as Yang, a master warrior-turned-renegade who comes to the American badlands in order to flee his past. In a ramshackle town he meets an old drunk (Rush) and a circus knife-thrower (Bosworth), both of whom aren’t what they first appear to be.

Intriguing and exciting- even if it kinda has a similar vibe to the also upcoming Priest (must be the cowboy hats). I’ll be sure to check this one out. This is due out in December.


3 Responses to “Cowboys vs Ninjas Movie!”

  1. Video link died.

    It amazes me that they sic the copyright lawyers on something that amounted to free advertising. (“Our movie trailer is going viral! It’s getting millions of hits! WE’VE GOT TO PUT A STOP TO IT!”)

  2. Barrie Osbourne didn’t direct LOTR. Peter Fucking Jackson did you dick. As a LOTR fan, I’m insulted that you would associate some loser director with the great Mr. Jackson

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