Tekken Tweets: The Latest from Harada-san!

This weekend passes with no new trailers of vids from any of the upcoming games in the Fighting Festival series (SFxT, TxSF, TTT2), but as usual Namco-Bandai’s Katsuhiro Harada was manning his Twitter account to answer some of the gazillion questions, requests, challenges and so forth tweeted his way by Tekken-loving (or hating) Twitteratti. The most noteworthy answers from Harada-san were the following…

… liked Azazel? I didn’t think so. Well, the good news is that Tekken 6’s ovesized and overpowered boss is, according to Harada-san, DEAD. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will have a new boss. Hopefully Harada was joking though when he mentioned Devil Ganryu.

… when asked if Lars will become evil, Harada said ‘probably not’- the guy doesn’t have a Devil Gene unlike Heihachi. A bit of inconsistency here- I was of the perception that Heihachi’s whole schtick with wanting to capture Kazuya and Jin was that he didn’t have the DG himself as well. Oh well, details, details. Anyway, from this I gather that Mr. Alexandersson will continue to be Tekken’s resident white knight and ladies man- both of which Jin Kazama would never aspire to.

… once again, Character Customization is confirmed for Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

… on the next Soulcalibur, Harada has stated that the Project Soul team ‘wants to make a new SC’, and has thanked gamers for the petition. Now, all we can do is wait.

Man, not a lot of stuff. But I guess knowing that the Big Cheap Chicken is dead and gone makes my day. Heheh… Anwyay, back to Dead Rising 2 then…


3 Responses to “Tekken Tweets: The Latest from Harada-san!”

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  2. Cool..now there are 2 ppl that gather info from Harada’s twitter.

    I’ll try to look for updates from your site…when I don’t have time to read his tweets..

    Thx Lone Gamer

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