Playing Dead Rising 2…

…haven’t really gotten that far yet in the adventures of Chuck Greene in Fortune City. Just got Katie her first dose of Zombrex. Now I gotta go find me some survivors.

… safe house guy gives me the key to the maintenance room, so now I can make combo weapons. Nail + Bat turns into the Spiked Bat. Much stronger than just the bat. Or the nails. Nice for crowds.

…MAN does Chuck run slow or what? Hopefully as he levels up, he runs faster. Or at least gets a lot more stronger than he is now.

…I find some vandals messing up a nearby store. They call me an old man. Then they attack. Someone sprays some weird crap in my face. Then, blackness. What the hell?

… Chuck wakes up in the comfort room, wearing just his boxers (white with hearts, of course). DAMMIT! Those looters are gonna pay.

… Hmmm… flashlight… there’s surely a use for this… where’s that jewelry store?

… Should I go with the yellow tracksuit? Or the thong bikini..?

… GODDAMIT, can Chuck run any slower? AAAAUGH a zombie bites me in the groin. Chuck needs creamer… badly!

… so many things to use as weapons! Ooh. I just wanna go around and try stuff. But my phone’s ringing. Stacy the CURE girl wants me to save someone trapped in some store. Oh well…

… Apparently zombies don’t care if you’re on the phone or not… one starts chewing on my throat in the middle of a conversation. AAAAAUUUGHHH…

… Just one life square left. Finally reached the survivors holed up in a knife shop. I pick up a cleaver and start helping them clear the shop. As the last zombie dies I get ready to talk to the older dude when he guts me and everything goes red. What the hell…

So I had to reset. Still, it was pretty fun, and it’s continually a learning experience. Gotta get used to the areas, gotta learn to make use of the map and find some short cuts. But there’s so much to do, so much to see and discover, I just can’t wait to dive back in. I think I’m gonna be spending a lot of time in Fortune City.


5 Responses to “Playing Dead Rising 2…”

  1. If you hit a survivor, by accident or on purpose, they’ll get back at you regardless of health. =P

    And don’t worry, as you level up Chuck gets faster and gets more health, and more inventory space, and more attack power, and awesome combat moves.

  2. Already beaten it 4/5 times and am level 50 X]

  3. Hahaha! Well, I’ve only been able to play DR2 two times as yet. I’ll try to get into it longer over the weekend. It certainly is fun to play and the incentives to play are addicting. I wish it was easier to find my way around though…

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